Inside look at the Red Stick Social renovation.

DNA Workshop carried out the Red Stick Social renovation of the Electric Depot in the heart of Baton Rouge’s Mid City.

The historic site of the Electric Depot, once a bustling transportation hub, had long been in disrepair. After being revitalized by the architects at DNA Workshop, it stands as a vibrant and dynamic center of local entertainment and community life. We are proud to have had a hand in breathing new life into this iconic location, making it a beacon of culture and a symbol of urban renewal.

Uniting the Baton Rouge Community With the Red Stick Social Renovation

The Electric Depot’s revitalization project, now known as Red Stick Social, paid homage to its storied past while embracing its future as a hub for local entertainment. The Red Stick Social renovation involved repurposing the depot’s original structures and preserving their historic charm. Our commitment to maintaining the area’s character is evident in the thoughtful integration of modern amenities into the depot’s historic framework.

Local residents and visitors alike now enjoy a diverse array of experiences at the renovated Electric Depot, including restaurants, bowling, live music, art exhibitions, and community events. Additionally, the area has hosted open-air markets for fresh produce, local crafts, and artisanal goods, further connecting the community and supporting local businesses.

Embracing the Future Through Historic Renovation

The success of this renovation stands as a testament to the transformative power of historical preservation and forward-thinking urban development. This revitalization project is a shining example of how a city can honor its past while embracing its future, all while creating a space where the community can come together to celebrate life in the “Red Stick.”

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