DNA Workshop took part in plans to revitalize the Landmark Center in downtown Jackson, MS, into a bustling center for residential living, retail, and business.

DNA Workshop‘s historic renovation project garnered attention in a Clarion Ledger feature. The Landmark Center, located at the intersection of Pearl and Lamar streets, was the focal point of our commitment to meticulous historical restoration.

The Landmark Center’s Resurgence

The Clarion Ledger article shed light on the Landmark Center’s transition from a once-thriving AT&T hub to its present stateā€”a vacant yet promising space. With historical significance woven into its walls, our team at DNA Workshop was included in plans to revive this 367,000-square-foot site, embodying our dedication to the art of historical renovation.

Insights From J. D. Nelson

In the feature, J. D. Nelson, a key visionary at DNA Workshop, provided valuable insights into the project’s vision, challenges, and the philosophy behind our approach to historical restoration. With a proven track record, Nelson’s confidence in our ability to breathe new life into overlooked spaces was grounded in our past successes and commitment to smaller cities on the brink of transformation.

DNA Workshop’s Evolution: A Decade of Expertise in Historical Renovation

Celebrating over a decade of service, DNA Workshop has evolved from managing 10,000 square feet to overseeing more than one million square feet across four states. Our proficiency in historical renovation has played a crucial role in revitalizing downtown areas in Baton Rouge, South Carolina, Indiana, and now bringing revitalization to downtown Jackson.

Choosing Jackson: A Strategic Approach to Historical Renovation

Nelson discusses the rationale behind selecting Jackson as the canvas for a historical renovation endeavor. The city’s unique metrics, cultural richness, and untapped potential aligned seamlessly with our mission to contribute meaningfully to communities through thoughtful historical restoration.

Your Invitation to Explore

The Clarion Ledger feature offers an in-depth look at DNA Workshop’s historical renovation project at the Landmark Center. From downtown Baton Rouge to Jackson, MS, revitalization, our team is dedicated to breathing new life into spaces that hold cultural significance.

Experience the journey of historical renovation with DNA Workshop. Read the full Clarion Ledger article here.