Savannah Historic Renovations

The Savannah Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) was initiated to focus on historic properties in the Victorian district of Savannah, Georgia, some of which date back to the 1800s, and find ways to revitalize them. DNA Workshop was brought in as experienced affordable housing, and historic renovation architects to take on the unique challenge of renovating these scattered-site properties.

Our goal was to preserve the historic character and charm of the houses while updating them with modern, sustainable fixtures. Each of the 55 distinctive houses had its own style and quirks that we incorporated, and no two of the 233 units are alike. DNA Workshop meticulously worked to maintain the integrity of the original historic designs throughout the renovation process.

Through our expertise in historic renovation and use of historic tax credits, the city of Savannah now has a completely revitalized neighborhood that will continue to attract locals and tourists alike, while also providing beautifully rehabilitated affordable housing units. With our focus on sustainable design, we were able to achieve NGBS Green certification for the project.

This development is a shining example of successful collaboration between historic renovation and affordable housing architecture that can be achieved with experienced architects.

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