Lakeshore Family Homes

Lakeshore Family Homes is a new construction LIHTC multifamily development in Lake Providence, Louisiana, featuring 45 townhouses ranging from one to four bedrooms. Designed by our team of experienced LIHTC architects, this community was created with families in mind.

The townhouses are grouped around a large central community space that includes a new playground, tennis court, picnic benches, and grills, providing ample opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors. Covered front porches were incorporated into the design, so parents could comfortably watch their children play. The central clubhouse is the perfect spot for birthday parties and neighborhood events.

At DNA Workshop, we take pride in creating vibrant communities that provide high-quality, affordable housing. Each townhouse at Lakeshore Family Homes is unique, with eye-catching colors and varied designs, so everyone’s home feels one-of-a-kind. The location of Lakeshore Family Homes is conveniently placed near several large employers, making it easy for parents to commute or walk to work.

As experienced LIHTC architects, we understand the importance of quality affordable housing design. At Lakeshore Family Homes, we’ve created a comfortable and safe place for families to call home, with a focus on building a community that promotes a high quality of life for all residents.

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