An iconic restaurant with over 40 years of history in the community, our team was honored to renovate Juban’s in Baton Rouge. We worked hard to stay true to the original brand elements, embracing the culture, colors, and history of the space. The goal was not to detract from the nostalgia, but add to it.

When guests first enter, the Entry Hall pays homage to the restaurant’s history with photos from years past and hints at new design elements specific to each space, acting as a guide to the restaurant itself.  At the end of the entry hall is the new lobby and host area. The graphic behind the neon sign is an image of the original restaurant, paying homage to history. Floral motif wallpaper on the ceiling pulls together the different color palettes found throughout the restaurant, and wainscoting is introduced, which continues throughout.

The Atrium Bar

The Atrium Bar plays off of a Southern greenhouse, made unique with the incorporation of chinoiserie elements. The light fixtures are reminiscent of bird cages, and the brass elements of the bar are softened by the wallpaper and colors. We tied back in the restaurant’s blue with the striped chair fabric, and the tables feature a custom gold edge detail.

The Tigre Lounge

From the light and airy Atrium Bar, a secret pocket door opens to reveal the Tigre Lounge’s rich luxury. The Tigre Lounge is designed to feel like a hidden library, giving visitors a feeling of being behind the curtain in a room layered with history of LSU legacies. A stark contrast to the bright Atrium Bar, the common blues and golds anchor the room and make it feel like it still belongs. A cowhide on the floor and other elements play off of the mascots of LSU’s competitors. The books and other decor items on the custom designed shelves were sourced from antique stores and LSU’s campus. Striking tiger and peacock wallpaper surrounds the private door to the kitchen.

The standout feature of the Tigre Lounge is a series of custom portraits of LSU icons. We were inspired by old paintings of philosophers, and worked with a graphics team to reimagine recognizable faces like Kim Mulkey and Joe Burrow in the style.

The Hallelujah Bar

The Hallelujah Bar is inspired by New Orleans Jazz, and music motifs can be found in the lighting, art, and wall sconces. The custom bar’s shape is inspired by the French balconies and wrought iron awnings in New Orleans. Antique mirrors are fitted into the wainscot, adding another layer to the design, and through the arched windows, you can look back into the entry hallway.

Exterior Update

We also redesigned the exterior of Juban’s, with a new entrance and expanded patio dining.

Functionally, the new layout creates a wide range of opportunities for the restaurant and diners, with new event spaces, private dining rooms, and multiple options for romantic drinks at a bar or fun dinners with friends. We embraced the community sentiment towards the space, so diners can still recognize “the table their parents got engaged at,” yet it’s completely elevated and made fresh, setting it up for the next 40 years.

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