Hollywood Senior Properties

Hollywood Senior Properties: Hollywood Heights & Hollywood Acres

A Baton Rouge developer partnered with DNA Workshop to act as architects for their new affordable senior housing subdivision, featuring 90 one and two-bedroom duplexes.

Quality Senior Housing on a Budget

With the Hollywood project, DNA Workshop was challenged to design beautiful duplexes for seniors that would meet the budget parameters and prevent the project from undergoing unnecessary value engineering. While the design needed to be simple, our senior housing architects were still determined to create a unique development that appealed to potential residents.

Embracing Local Charm in the Design

With budget in mind, our team of senior housing architects went to work creating a New Orleans Creole design with unique character. Five Creole Shotgun architectural renderings were created with the same floor plan but featuring a different facade to be mixed throughout the property. To conserve funds, we used the same front door and windows in all units to order in bulk.

Exceeding LHC and NGBS Guidelines

Louisiana Housing Corporation called for specific guidelines such as a four-foot porch area, which we expanded upon with features such as all Energy Star-rated appliances, insulation to meet specific R values, and more. To ensure Certified NGBS Bronze status, the developer looked to DNA Workshop for guidance on how to incorporate green-build techniques. Using our in-depth experience with NGBS certification, our architects coordinated with the contractor to make sure the correct products were ordered to meet the criteria and inspection. To enhance the entire senior housing development, a community center with an open kitchen was designed where residents can reserve for birthdays, baby showers, and other events.

The Results

Hollywood Heights & Hollywood Acres is a distinct affordable housing development that offers quality senior housing in an area that doesn’t experience a lot of investment. The houses are built adopting more energy efficient techniques, which helps residents save money in the long-term. The unique New Orleans style has been well received as current residents have taken pride in decorating their porches to their specific tastes featuring plants, signage, chairs, and rockers. Currently, all 90 duplexes have been rented and there is a waiting list of over 400 people. The popularity of this affordable senior housing development could spur further similar developments in the future, potentially encouraging much-needed economic development in this part of town.

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