DNA Workshop joined hands with Knight Development and Sauer, Inc. to develop low-income housing in Daytona Beach.

With a project groundbreaking in May 2022, DNA Workshop partnered with Knight Development (formerly BGC Advantage) and Sauer, Inc. for a transformative project in Daytona Beach, Florida. The collaboration addressed the critical need for affordable apartments in the city, particularly focusing on low-income housing in Daytona Beach.

The $59.25 million overhaul of these aging structures brought remarkable improvements, including kitchen and bathroom upgrades, plumbing and appliance replacements, building system and elevator enhancements, new flooring, doors, and lighting, and the modernization of meeting and exercise rooms. These changes provided a fresh start for residents, effectively making their apartments feel brand new.

Breathing New Life Into Low-Income Housing in Daytona Beach

The Windsor and Maley apartments had been a haven for low-income residents for over five decades, offering affordable rates starting at just $260 per month. Many of these residents were elderly and experienced health challenges, making these affordable units their primary housing option. For these individuals, these apartments had become long-term homes, offering a stable and affordable living solution.

Paving the Way to Accessible Housing

With DNA Workshop, Knight Development, and Sauer, Inc. at the helm, the city was on the path to a brighter, more inclusive future where low-income housing was not just a necessity but a reality for the Daytona Beach community. As the Windsor and Maley renovation project advanced, it demonstrated a concerted effort to uplift the lives of low-income individuals in the city, emphasizing the significance of accessible and affordable housing in the community.

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