DNA Workshop took part in the historical renovation of the old Fidelity National Bank Building, turning it into a luxury apartment and grocery store.

DNA Workshop’s project, 440 on Third, was featured in a Business Insider article, shedding light on the revitalization of Downtown Baton Rouge. We invite you to look at the transformation that has garnered attention beyond our local community.

Discover the Downtown Gem

440 on Third, a mid-century building brought back to life by DNA Workshop, stands as a testament to our commitment to urban renewal. Situated in the heart of Downtown Baton Rouge, this project has redefined the space into a dynamic mix of luxury living, modern office spaces, and the city’s full-service grocery store, Matherne’s.

DNA Workshop’s Craftsmanship

Explore the practical yet innovative design that defines DNA Workshop’s approach. Our team of architects and developers has seamlessly blended contemporary functionality with Baton Rouge’s rich history. The article provides insights into the renovation process, emphasizing preserving the building’s heritage and adding modern elements that make 440 on Third a unique urban space.

A Recognized Success

We’re proud to share that USAgencies identified the potential of 440 on Third early, choosing it as their new home. The article also delves into the project’s accolades, including the 2015 Preservation Award from the Foundation for Historical Louisiana.

Visual Journey Through Imagery

Accompany us on a visual journey through Tim Mueller’s photography. The slideshow captures the essence of 440 on Third, offering views of Downtown Baton Rouge and the Mississippi River from the commercial office spaces, as well as glimpses into the modern, energy-efficient apartments with scenic views of the Baton Rouge skyline and the Mississippi River.

Join Us in Exploration & Historical Renovation

We invite our valued clients and partners to explore the Business Insider article and witness firsthand the positive impact of DNA Workshop’s work on 440 on Third. Let’s celebrate the success of this project together and continue shaping the future of urban living.

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